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Arrow Materials, Inc

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Arrow Materials Inc. has been the provider of wholesale topsoil and gravel to many of San Antonio’s General Contractors, excavation companies, landscapers, and individuals for over 37 years. We are and always have been family owned and operated.

On top of selling topsoil and gravel, we also offer select fill, common fill, hauling and provide a clean material dumping site. We pride ourselves in offering good quality material, a clean site and the ability to move a large amount of material.

If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.



Our topsoil ranges from dark brown to light brown. It has been used and is being used on homes and commercial properties all over San Antonio.

Our customers like it because it is easy to spread and has a very nice color.

Select Fill

Our select fill it a pad material and has been used on some of the biggest commercial pads and building sites. Our Select Falls well within most engineer specs.

This material has NO GRAVEL.

Pit Run Gravel

Like our Select this material is ideal for slabs, building sites and also foundations. This material has a much lower P.I. and will also fall well within most engineer specs.

This material does have gravel in it.

Common Fill

This is just what it sounds like. This is a non-spec fill material that is cheaper than the other fill.


We allow our customers to dump CLEAN FILL, NO TRASH.

We take dirt, rock, concrete with no rebar sticking out. We do not take construction trash, household trash or anything like it.


We can provide trailer or tandem loads of material.